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Or "at fragging last".

After I'm not sure how long on the market, but I think she's been trying to sell it since the first half of 2008*, Sarah has finally sold her house in Barking. Exchange happened today, completion scheduled for next Friday.

After which we'll hopefully dot the last "t"s and cross the last "i"s as regards the purchase of the house in Hemel Hempstead, and hopefully be moved in there...well, at least by the end of August, hopefully sometime mid-August.

We're hoping that by our first wedding anniversary we'll be properly settled in our own house. Those words seem to magical. Our. Own. House. Mmmmmmm...

*ETA: *checks Sarah's LJ* March 2nd 2008. It seems like a lifetime...the first offer was put in towards the end of May, prompting a post from Sarah, "I've sold my house!" If only we'd known then what lay ahead...
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