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On the negative side, the depression kicked back in this morning. Not good. Almost didn't come to work today. To be honest, if it's that bad tomorrow morning, I might not...

On the bright side, listening to old episodes of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue manages to put a smile on my face.

And I get paid tomorrow, and will be treating myself (as I can afford it) to a netbook or a laptop. Not sure which, depends on exactly how much I think I can afford, but as this month I've neither got rent or bills going out, I have a bit more money than I normally would.

Things I definitely want of any laptop I buy:

  • Compatibility with the audio input device I bought for my iMac, so I can get back to importing my record collection. Came with a DVD-R and hooks up via USB, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  • Net connectability (well, duh)
  • OpenOffice (will download, of course)
  • iTunes and the ability to get my iPod and iPhone updated - they're not locked to the iMac, are they? Apart from anything else, I'd really like to get iOS 4, or whatever it's called...
  • Partly because of the above, a fairly sizey internal HD. Which rules out the netbooks that only come with maximum 16GB SSDs. Also sadly ruled out would appear to be running Linux, since iTunes doesn't come with a Linux version.

Things that would be nice but not important:

  • Optical drive - not essential, as I've an external one I bought for the iMac, but it could be helpful to have an internal one.
  • Firewire port - which pretty much excludes a netbook, but would be kind of useful if I'm going to get back into importing video stuff. Of course, that kind of depends on compatibility with the Canopus ADVC...whatever model it is, and as they seem to be mainly Mac devices, I might be onto a loser there. Of course, I have got the gadget I bought that hooked up to Tim's PC well enough via a standard USB port, so I might be able to use that instead. Although the quality wasn't anywhere near as good.

I think that's it.

Course, getting the iMac repaired wouldn't be a bad idea too. If it's repairable.

Oh, and Sunday's Sherlock? Gorgeous. I'll definitely be watching that again.

That reminds me - last night's Identity is on the Sky+ box.

And I've been listening to a lot of Abba lately. I might treat myself to watching Mamma Mia. I wonder if I can persuade Sarah to join me? Her mum was singing its praises last week, which kind of surprised me, so y'never know - anything's possible.

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