David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider


Touch wood, the heavy bout of depression that hit yesterday seems to have cleared. I wonder if it may have been weather-related - yesterday had that unpleasant "there's a thunderstorm in the air" feel to it, but today seems really light and refreshing by comparison.

I am, though, rather annoyed at Santander, because I went in to one of their branches on Saturday and cancelled a standing order from my account, but it seems to have gone out of my account today anyway. Fortunately, it's only into Sarah's account so she can pay it back to me, but even so... I'd do it by telephone banking but I can't really get the hang of that - it's all automated and all I could get it to do on Saturday was tell me how much I was overdrawn by, which wasn't desperately helpful...
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