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I could go off Hollywood.

I had some really nice plans for my birthday. They involved going up to Sheffield, meeting up with/dragging a bunch of pleasantly geeky folk up there (e.g. huntingospray, multiclassgeek & zoeiona, blazingkies & greyfore, & well, anyone else who's interested) and - and this is the important bit - seeing Tron Legacy in 3D, on the basis that it comes out on December 17th, the day before my birthday.

There is a problem with that plan.

In the USA - and indeed a host of other countries, specifically Argentina, Australia, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Japan, Norway, Spain, and Sweden - it does indeed come out the day before (or in some cases two days before) my birthday.

In the UK, however, it comes out on Boxing Day. December the flippin' 26th. Over a week after my birthday. Which rather takes the fun out of it. I mean, we could go to the cinema on the 18th and stare at an empty screen, but...mmph.

In the words of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, sod a dog.

OK guys, plan's off. Or at least delayed until some time after Christmas. Sorry about that. I really can't believe the movie industry does that sort of thing anymore - I thought all major films came out on the same date to minimise piracy and all of that sort of thing?

If you want me, I'll be sulking.

On the bright side, I've just ordered a rather nice Sony Vaio laptop, which has Firewire (yay!), and I should be picking it up from Tesco tomorrow evening. It'll be nice to have my own working computer at long last.

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