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A bit of excitement!

I have a ticket for the Merlin Series 3 preview event hosted by the BFI. Yay! Hopefully there'll be cast and crew of some description.

Also...geeks of a certain age may remember the computer game Elite, which came with a novella, The Dark Wheel, by Robert Holdstock (which, as well as telling a story set in the game universe, also - IIRC, and it's not actually noted on the Wiki entry - served as an interesting security measure - on loading up the game from tape, you'd be asked to type in the xth word on page y, line z. Neat.).

In the game, the player pilots a spaceship called a Cobra, which - on starting out - isn't terribly impressive (one front facing laser gun, three missiles fitted despite capacity for four), and part of the idea of the game is that through trading in various commodities, buying cheap on one world and selling expensive on another, one gets enough money to add more gear to the ship - more missiles, lasers facing rear, left, and right, specific mining lasers, fuel scoops (which not only enable one to scoop fuel itself, thus cutting costs, but can also be used to scoop up floating debris from asteroids, and cargo canisters - one can make a reasonable living in the game as a miner), etc. In the novella, a ship that has been suitably kitted out is described as an "iron ass".

The point of explaining all of this is that my little Netbook is now what I would call an iron ass. Fitted it out with various bits of software, mainly open source/freeware (Open Office YAY!), bought a license for Quicktime Pro but was rather disappointed to find that although the Mac version allows recording of video the PC version doesn't - wish I'd found out that earlier, got it working with my external DVD-R drive and my audio input unit (so I'm now back to ripping vinyl to mp3), got a rather pleasantly cheap but good video capture device for a mere £20:00. Got a couple more licenses to buy, but apart from that, yay - it'll never replace the old iMac (which I still hope is repairable, although I won't bother finding out until after we've moved), but even so, it seems to managing to do most of the work I was using the Mac for, so I'm pretty happy. And of course, it has the added value of portability - I can go downstairs and import a video from the Sky+ box, then into the spare room and import a few 7" singles, then go and lay down on the bed and start the files processing and read a book while they're doing. Nice.

And lastly, I note that this will be my 2996th LJ entry. I really ought to think long and hard about what I want the 3000th to be. It ought to be special, I think...

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