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Pay attention now, 007...

Spying is supposed to be all about, well, being discrete and subtle and secretive, right?

Anyone who has ever walked past this shop (as Sarah does every day on her way to work; and indeed went in there on Saturday to enquire about costs for a possible security camera system for our new home) will know that it's rather large, and has a rather large sign displaying the shop's name. Heck, the fact that it has a website kind of suggests to me that maybe it needs to rethink its methodology a tadlet...

In other news, we are now a two iPhone household. And Sarah's is a fourth gen with iOS 4.0.1 and I'm insanely jealous... *green*

On the negative side, I've tried pluggin my existing iPhone and iPod into my new computer and I can't sync them without totally deleting their contents first. [If anyone knows a way round this, please let me know...if nothing else I'd like to update the iPhone's OS...]

On the other hand, as the iPod is now on its last legs (haemorrhaging battery power like there's no tomorrow) I'm considering a replacement. I was going to go for a cheap 4GB player, then thought, well, how about a 16GB iPod nano, and then thought, well, for not much more than an iPod nano I can get a used 160GB iPod from Amazon. Which seems like not a bad idea. As it is, when we've finally moved I can re-rip all of my CDs & stuff so I won't lose much from my old iPod (I'll have to draw up a list of tracks that I'll need to replace - ones that weren't sourced from CD, tape or vinyl; I know there are a fair few tracks on there that I bought from the iTunes store).

And there's going to be more Sherlock. Which is "YAY!!!".

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