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Please Please Me's number one

On the way into work this morning I was listening to Pet Shop Boys' Concrete, their live album of a few years back, and was rather amused by Neil's introduction to Nothing has been Proved - saying that it was the theme song for the film Scandal, about the Profumo affair, and that the song tells the story of the Profumo affair in four minutes...so once you've heard the song, you don't really need to see the film.

Actually, I don't think I've ever seen Scandal. Maybe I ought to. *checks* Ooh, out on DVD next month. Well, there y'go - there's a realistic goal.

Speaking of which, looks like we'll be moving some time next month - all the paperwork is coming into shape nicely, and we're now planning a meeting tomorrow night with a removal company to get a quote for picking up from the lock-up and then from my old house. (We're probably going to get a separate company to pick up from Sarah's mum's house. I think. That was the plan last time I talked to Sarah. It may have changed.)

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