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Friday 20th August

Despite not having the advantage of Sarah getting me out of bed - and despite the further disadvantages of a late night last night and a bit of a lie-in this morning, I managed to get into work not too late today, although that was chiefly by dint of not having a proper breakfast, and then stopping at the Texaco garage in Milton Keynes to pick up some nibbles.

The day at work wasn't bad, although I did have a bit of an end-of-the-week impatience to just get out and get home. The worst bit about the day, really, was towards the end of it - I was just getting on a bit of a roll, sending out loads of HD letters, when the flippin' printer decided to start getting all funny - the same problem we'd had on Wednesday. I emailed IT, but was pretty much resigned to not getting any more letters printed out. On the bright side, it was about 5:30pm by that point, so I could justifiably leave the office.

The journey home was fairly smooth (indeed, the journey in had been too), up until the point where we got to the M25 and it was just solid, cars stopping and starting for no evidently good reason, and it was really getting to me to the point where I almost broke down in tears. I mean, it's not a desperately long stretch of motorway until the Chorleywood turn-off, but when it gets like that it takes ages. I was really glad to just get home.

Rita cooked a pizza for me tonight. Unfortunately she burned it slightly as a result of talking to Sarah (well, it was mostly black on top) but I didn't mind that, despite her protestations.

I think I'd sort of meant to do some work on the 7" singles this evening, but didn't get round to it in the end. On the bright side, I did start drawing up a list of 1990s number one singles and where they could be found on Now albums...which was rather disappointing, as probably only about half, maybe two-thirds max, of them actually appear on Now, albums, so there will still be a fair few that I'll only have as 128kbps rips. For the time being, at least.

Work on ripping Life on Mars is still going okay, but for some reason episode 4 of series one just wants to take ages. Even if I leave it overnight, it's not done by the morning...

That's all I can think about for today.
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