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The next couple of weekends

I'm thinking I'd quite like to see Going the Distance. Partly because I like a good romcom (or even, going by the reviews, a mediocre romcom), and partly because I like Drew Barrymore.

Right now I'm thinking, there's a local church that meets at the cinema I'd be going to in order to see GtD. So I'm sort of vaguely putting them together and making plans for Sunday...

Saturday, meanwhile, is going to involve me and Sarah going to see my dad.

The following weekend will be our wedding anniversary. There's a Mitch Benn gig on the Saturday in St. Albans, which I'd quite like to take Sarah to (Misha, would you and Zoe be interested in joining us for that? We ought to meet up at some point soon). The Sunday, though, is going to be just the two of us.

In other news, it'c chucking it down outside.
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