David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Writer's Block: Sultans of swing

Imagine your first chart-topping album has just been released. What sort of music is on it? What does the cover art look like?

Oh, well that's easy. The music is fairly straightforward sequenced pop, sometimes with a guitar accompaniment, 3½ minute songs about love and losing love. Song titles include I want (to be), Take a look (at me now), and the rather-70s-disco-with-chords-straight-out-of-Always-on-my-mind-(Pet-Shop-Boys-version) Too short. I might also include my sort of mellow laidback cover version of I'm a believer on there as well. The album is called Piano, and the cover art is a stylised representation of a piano keyboard.

There's also a limited edition "Piano Plus" with remixes and demos.

As you can tell, I've put a lot of thought into this. :o)
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