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I only got my Sapphire and Steel DVD yesterday, and Sarah only started watching it earlier today. She's already nine episodes, which considering we were out pretty much all afternoon is quite good going. I spent a couple of episodes curled up on the sofa with her as she watched it, was a very pleasant feeling.

The afternoon was spent in Hemel Hempstead, including driving past our new house, and a browse in the town centre, particularly HMV where I stocked up with DVDs (Sherlock, Leverage series 1, and the Karaoke/Cold Lazarus boxed set). We're considering a Blu-ray player - there were some in there for £99:00, and one for £129 which has the advantage of playing divx discs. We decided to wait until we've actually moved before splashing out on that, though. Although I still fancy a PS3. Particularly having learned about this, which is all kinds of awesome.

Sadly, the visit to see my dad fell through as he was ill. Bad cold. Hopefully we'll see him soon. In the meantime, I'll just muse on the observation that David McCallum reminds me of my dad. I shall have to post photos so that maybe other folks might spot the similarity.

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