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Writer's Block: Let me entertain you

Who is your personal choice for greatest singer of all time, and why?

Honestly? I don't have one. There are several singers I really like, either as part of a group or as singer/songwriters - such as, and I'll probably forget some here, but: Neil Tennant, Andy Bell (the one out of Erasure), Matt Redman, Sam Brown, Vicky Beeching, Lou Fellingham, Stevie Nicks, Martyn Joseph, Suzanne Vega, Freddie Mercury, Steve Kilbey - but I don't know that any of them really qualify as "greatest". Although I suspect that a lot of Queen fans would argue for Freddie, and I see their point. And Andy Bell and Sam Brown in particular have gloriously soulful voices and I'd gladly listen to them singing the 'phone directory at me.

Been listening to a lot of ISIHAC lately, and Rob Brydon has a seriously good singing voice.

ETA: Looking at the answers given, Freddie certainly seems to be the most popular choice, with Michael Jackson a distant second...
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