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Car yay!

Peugeot, God bless 'em, will cover 100% of the parts and 50% of the labour.

Which could still cost us about £700, but it will mean we end up with our car, back in our possession, at some point. I'm kind of hoping in time for the move and everything, which would be really really useful.

Oh well, that's a relief.

Just a brief precis of the next few days:

  • Thursday 23rd: Completion on the house in Hemel Hempstead. Sarah's picking up the keys from the estate agents, I'll collect her, and we'll pop round to the house.

  • Friday 24th: Move of possessions from Chorleywood to Hemel Hempstead. Sarah taking the day off work and her mum accompanying her to the house to do some (if not most) of the unpacking. For the time being, with no bed at Hemel Hempstead, we'll still be living at Rita's. Kind of hoping our car might be ready for collection by today. It wouldn't half be useful!

  • Saturday 25th: Me accompanying Sarah to the house to finish any unpacking from Chorleywood that still needs to be done. If the cables for the Sky+ are in position, I might start programming it to record the various programmes I record through the week, thus removing the load from Rita's one. Although as we won't have the television at this point, I'll have to hook up my laptop via the SCART socket to actually do the programming...

  • Sunday 26th: Might pop down to Chelmsford to pick up some stuff from Tim's - food, clothes, Mac, anything that's not furniture..?

  • Tuesday 28th: After work, I'll drive down to Chelmsford; Sarah will go to Chorleywood, eat, and then drive down to Chelmsford to join me.

  • Wednesday 29th: Sarah out to Barking first thing in the morning, meeting the removal men at the lock-up, and then accompanying them to Chelmsford, where they'll pick up the furniture, and we'll go in convoy to Hemel Hempstead. Then, they dump the stuff off, and we spend the rest of the day unpacking. Hopefully, by the end of the day, we'll have our bed assembled and fit to sleep in, in which case we'll be spending our first night at Hemel Hempstead since owning the house.

  • Thursday 30th: Half day at work (using the satnav to get from Hemel Hempstead onto the M1), then back to help Sarah with the unpacking, and assembling furniture, and generally getting things organised. My mum and stepdad are coming up from Chelmsford to help out for a couple of days as well.

  • Friday 1st October: Day off work. Hoping most of the work on the house will be done by now, in which case one of my plans will be to register with a local GP.

  • Saturday 9th October: Off to Tywyn for a much needed week's holiday!

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