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Doctor Who-oo, Doctor Who...

My shelf of Doctor Who DVDs, videos & CDs. Don't know what it says about my sense of priorities, but this was pretty much the first thing I did when we moved in yesterday.

Also note the eleven Doctors - from the nice new boxed set - positioned in appropriate places along the shelves. Sarah reckons my OCD is showing. I just think they look kind of nice.

Incidentally? The first Doctor has a cane, the second a flute (well properly speaking it's a recorder), seven has his question mark brolly, whilst three, four, five, eight, nine, ten and eleven have variant sonic screwdrivers, but...what about poor old sixie? He has no accessories! They could at least have given him, I dunno, a thermal lance or something.

Mind you, seven looks a bit odd without his hat.

And I'm thinking of using a bit of red material to craft a fez for eleven. 'Cos, y'know, fezes are cool.

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