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*knocks* is this thing working..?

Well...we're here.

Things still aren't perfect yet - we have more books than shelf space, so Sarah made a trip to Ikea - but the shelves we've got were too small for our car, so Ikea are delivering on Sunday. And I have copious quantities of magazines (including near complete runs of SFX and Doctor Who Magazine - that's well over 600 individual editions there), currently in cardboard boxes, some of which gave up in the lock-up; whilst I try to work out more practical solutions they're probably going to end up in the attic, along with loads of VHS tapes (I know, remember them??!).

The second floor, then - the back room, which will end up as a combined library/study, and the main bedroom - is still a work in progress (we still haven't put the bed together yet, and for the past couple of nights have relied on a mattress on the floor), but thanks to my mum and stepdad being here to help out over the last couple of days, the ground floor (dining room and kitchen) and first floor (lounge) are really rather pleasantly homely now. Although the spare bedroom (also on the first floor) is being used as a dumping shop for boxes of books until the shelves are built and ready to take them. But that's only a temporary situation.

In the past half hour or so we've set up the broadband and the home entertainment system, which makes it feel even more like home. Sarah and I are relaxing watching an episode of Cosmos before heading out for a meal at the local Toby Carvery.

We're home. Yay!!!


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