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Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

At this precise stage, one of the first conclusions they'd draw would be that I haven't finished arranging the books on the shelves (which is true - I was working on them last night, and have only got as far as "P"). They'd also draw the conclusions - also perfectly correct - that between us Sarah and I are quite keen on Doctor Who (of our first three fiction bookshelf units, the first nine shelves [out of eighteen] are taken up by Doctor Who novelisations, NAs, MAs, PDAs, and EDAs), James Bond, Star Wars, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Clive Cussler, Robert Jordan, Julian May, Ellis Peters, Tom Sharpe, and Anne McCaffrey. They may also notice that between us we have no fewer than three copies of The Lord of the Rings*, and various other Tolkein-related books. When they get on to the non-fiction shelves, they may notices a large quantity of TV guide books (Doctor Who is again well-represented), Sarah's history-related books, my Christianity-related books). Also, a load of Giles annuals and Tintin books.

If they then go from the library/study into our bedroom, they will notice a whole shelf unit devoted to books I've bought but haven't yet got round to reading, and another devoted to (but not yet occupied by) various RPG books, mainly various releases of Traveller but also some D&D and other miscellany. Including the most recent Doctor Who RPG, and its two predecessors. (God, wasn't the FASA one unnecessarily complicated?!!!)

I like books. I like buying books. When I have the time, I like reading them. I don't like throwing them away. When I get round to posting pics of our bookshelves, you will see the results of this policy...


*Also three copies of the first couple of Hitch-Hiker's novels (originals, film tie-ins and last year's re-issues) and two of the next three (originals, with SLATFATFish and MH in hardback, and last year's re-issues). And radio script books too.
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