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Mental images you just can't shake...

...so you share 'em with your FList instead.

'Cos as is well known, I'm a wee bit of a Doctor Who fan.

I'm also a wee bit of a David Tennant fan. Also known as Ten, because he played the Tenth Doctor. Also known as Ten-Inch, because...well, ask Billie Piper.

ALso, I'm British. We do understatement terribly well, don't you know? So for "a wee bit," read, "a heck of a lot".

And there's an ad for Walkers crisps going round at the moment featuring Gary Lineker - or at least stunt dancing double Gary Lineker(s) - dancing energetically to a certain song originally by popular beat combo The Weathergirls, but with the lyrics slightly altered to reflect the possibility of winning £10:00 if you successfully predict when it will rain. (We live in Britain. "Always.")

Can you see where this is going? Here's the ad, if you can't:

Can you imagine the sort of mental image this sets up in my mind..?

It's a pleasant one, suffice it to say. :o) All I need now is for some kind soul to render it as an animated .gif...

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