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Just gonna have to accept it - despite getting rid of duplicates, and despite Sarah's Ikea run shortly after we moved in...we have more books than shelf space.

I think I may have to get hold of some additional shelving.

In rather troubling news, Sarah has lost her wedding ring. We're not sure where it could have gone. I keep repeating the Brig's mantra from Mawdryn Undead - solid objects can't just dematerialise - and telling myself that it's just the ring, not the marriage, but even so, it's worrying.

Also, Sarah's ill - a cold that's descended into her lungs. She's going to the doc's tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm having a few days off work. Get paid tomorrow. There are a few things I might treat myself to. I'm musing the possibility of a geek shop in London, but I think I'll just resort to online purchases.


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