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Sort of meme gacked from calapine.

Below is a list of all the shows mentioned in Mitch Benn's I'm Proud of the BBC.

Bold = love (or have loved) it.
Plain text = neutral.
Strike through = never seen/listened to.

Newsround - loved it back in the day when it was John Craven's Newsround with the fab funky theme tune. Not really seen it since.
Newsnight - Not really seen it, although you'd have to have a heart of stone not to love the old "did you threaten to overrule him" clip...
iPlayer - Love the concept, although I don't use it much.
Website - a great source of news, although they were a bit slack reporting the recent-ish death of Grahame Crowden, for which *tut tut*.
Toni Arthur - Oh yeah, Play School and Play Away were a part of my growing up.
Brian Cant - See above.
Adam Adamant - I'm going to put this on my "list of things I really ought to get round to watching at some time".
Postman Pat
Hancock - love it, but with the caveat that I've seen/heard very little of it.
Yes Minister - and Yes, Prime Minister, of course.
Later with Jools Holland - seen precious little of it, if I'm honest, but as a concept it's brilliant in its simplicity.
Pride and Prejudice
Hitchhikers Guide - yes, both TV and radio.
World Service
Stewart Lee
Mr Benn
Casualty - don't really follow it or anything, but I appreciate it as good well-made drama.
6 Music
Horrible Histories
Dennis Potter - again, with the caveat that I've not seen much of his stuff (heck, I've not even seen The Singing Detective, although I adored Karaoke
Two Ronnies - especially the Mastermind answering the question before last sketch.
The Thick of It - seen it once, couldn't really cope with the constant swearing, but keep meaning to give it another go, especially as I quite liked the feature film version whose name I forget.
Radio 3
Open University - again, one of those things I like as a concept, despite not really having seen much of it, and despite the BBC not, AFAIA, broadcasting OU stuff any more.
Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo - they're okay, but I've not heard much of Kermode at all, and precious little of Mayo since he used to be back on Radio 1 back in the '80s.
Round the Horne - another one I really ought to check out.
Goon Show
Blake's 7
Dick and Dom - am quite happy to say I've never seen them, and am happy for it to remain that way!
Last Night of the Proms
Gardeners' Question Time
Last of the Summer Wine - never really got the appeal of it, to be honest. I could rant about Roy Clarke's shortcomings as a writer until the cows come home...
Steptoe and Son - again, one I've not see much of, but love it anyway.
The Young Ones - it's okay, but if I'm honest those involved have done better stuff. It was very much of its time.
Edge of Darkness - okay, that's three on my "must watch/listen to" list
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - make that four...
Letter from America
The Mighty Boosh - meh. Seen some of it when Tim was watching, and - sorry to say - colour me unimpressed. It's okay, though.
QI - all bow at the altar of Mr Fry...
Bagpuss - one of my favourite programmes ever.
I Claudius - never seen it, but bought Sarah the DVD a few weeks back as a housewarming present. She assures me that some of it is not for the squeamish, but even so, I'd like to give it a go.
Absolutely Fabulous - I love Janie Horrocks, I'm quite fond of Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield was fabulous in it, but if I'm honest it was a bit of a one joke sitcom that went on some considerable time after I lost any real interest in it...
John Motson
Red Dwarf
Our Friends in the North - only watched it because it had Daniel Craig and Christopher Eccleston in it, but I'm glad I did.
Culture Show
Woman's Hour
Charlie and Lola
Alan Partridge - some good, some bad.
News at 6 o'clock
Live Aid
Likely Lads
Michael Palin
No ads
This Life - I think that's six on my list.
That's Life - yes, it had a certain appeal...
Life on Earth - despite Sarah owning most of David Attenborough's output on DVD, I've never really watched any of it.
The Good Life - it had Felicity Kendall being gorgeous, Richard Briers being fabulous, and Paul Eddington being Paul Eddington. What's not to love?
Captain Pugwash
Tony Hart
Til Death do us Part
Ken Bruce - "Love" would be a bit strong, but he's quite pleasant to listen to whilst I'm travelling to work. Although theoretically if he's on I'mn running late...
News Quiz - keep meaning to listen to this, I suspect I'd love it. Isn't Sandi Toksvig hosting it nowadays?
Keeping Up Appearances - nope. Definitely not. See earlier comment about Roy Clarke...
Outnumbered - seen far less of this than I'd like.
Miranda - again, one I'd like to watch at some point.
Who Do You Think You Are?
Kirsty Wark - not so much "love" as "fancy".
Jeremy Paxman - even though I don't think his adversarial style is really suited to UniChall...
Parkinson - another one that's more of an "in principal" thing, although I've seen the occasional episode when someone I'm interested is on.
Tripods - I've seen it, but I'd love to see it again (IIRC it's out on DVD). I still feel cheated that they never made the third series, but then in reality, the length of series was a big problem - the books had probably enough incident for three six-part series, so trying to pad it out to three thirteen-part series was always a mistake...
Fireman Sam
The Ascent of Man - another one that I think Sarah's got on DVD.
One Foot in the Grave - pleasant viewing (Richard Wilson is wonderful), but I never really got into it.
Ben (Miller) and Xander (Armstrong) - okay, but again, doesn't really grab me.
Rob (Webb) and Dave (Mitchell)
Antiques Roadshow - another that I love on principal rather than for having seen much of it.
David Attenborough - see comments on Life on Earth. But he's an institution, isn't he?
Bruce Forsyth - Oh God, no...
The League of Gentlemen - not seen much of it, and it's a bit too offbeat for me.
Have I Got News for You
Hairy Bikers
Being Human - I can haz third series nao, pls?
In the Night Garden - well, not seen it properly, although thanks to my nephews I've sort of inadvertantly seen bits of it.
You & Me (Me & You)
Monty Python
Doctor Who
Top Gear - not seen much of it, but what I've seen is good fun, despite Clarkson's presence...or perhaps because of it?
Ivor the Engine
Formula 1
Blue Peter
Swap Shop
Five Live
Top of the Pops
Trumpton - and all of the Trumptonshire trilogy.
The Archers
That Was The Week That Was - does any of that exist in the archives? If it does, they ought to issue a DVD.
The Goodies
Songs of Praise - although it's gone a bit downhill.
World at One
The Day Today
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
Not the Nine O'Clock News
Mr Men - well, back when Arthur Lowe was narrating it. No idea what it's like now...
Eastenders - used to watch it fairly regularly back in the '80s, but nowadays I'd sooner avoid it.
Gary Lineker - meh. He's okay advertising crisps.
Radio 1 - summer of '86. Playing games on my BBC Micro in the back room with Radio 1 on constantly. Lovely time of my life. Used to listen to it quite regularly until about 1996.
Radio 2 - my radio station of preference nowadays.
Ripping Yarns - another one for the "must watch" list...
Johnny Ball
Test Match Special
Perfect Day
Radio Active
Howard's Way
Jeremy Hardy
Final Score
(everything on) BBC4 - I like what I've seen, but I wouldn't describe that as "everything".
Only Fools (and Horses) - although they probably should have let it rest in 1996, if not before...
Sky at Night - another "on principal" one.
Shooting Stars - meh.
Pete(r Cooke) and Dud(ley Moore) - really ought to get round to watching them.
Life on Mars
Radcliffe and Maconie
A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Children in Need Appeal - after all, it did bring us Dimensions in Time. Oh, hang on..!
Douglas Adams
John Peel

That's a lot of love. And a fair few "things to watch/listen to".

ETA: Oh, and if you haven't bought Proud of the BBC, do go and do so now - particularly if you love the BBC! Available on iTunes and Amazon to name just two outlets.

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