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Saturday 13th November 2010

Today started with the discovery that the gas boiler was playing up. I say discovery - I think I'd noticed a couple of days ago that the heating wasn't coming on properly despite being set to do so, but whereas I just shrug that sort thing off for a while, Sarah is rather over-sensitive to the cold, and so 'phone British Gas, who arranged to call round some time this afternoon. After that, I did actually find the reset switch which made it come on properly, but the British Gas man was able to get it properly sorted so it stopped making the horrible clunky rattly sort of noise it usually makes - apparently there was a problem with the inlet vent which meant it was trying to take in more air from outside than it should have done. Or something like that. Anyway, after he'd fixed it, it was running much smoother, so that was good. Our only gripe was that the gasman should call on Monday morning, it says so in the Flanders and Swann song. Although in seriousness, we were quite impressed at the speedy call out and efficient service - I'd genuinely expected that he wouldn't come until some time in the week.

Breakfast this morning was what I had been intending to have for dinner last night - grilled turkey, boiled potatoes and peas, and lashings of salad cream. Yummy.

Apart from that, a large chunk of the day was spent tidying up and cleaning in the kitchen, including - for the first time in absolutely ages, getting the washing and drying up out of the way. Which gave me quite a pleasant sense of achievement.

Meanwhile, Sarah watched some of her documentaries from the week - Ancient Worlds, the Greece one, and the second - and final- episode of David Attenborough's First Life. I also started watching some of Doctor Who - Inferno apropros of nothing in particular...well, I say that, Ian Levine mentioned a while back on Gallifrey Base that it's the story that could most benefit from a remastered edition; I had my doubts, but to be honest on re-watching it, yes, it's a bit ropey; of course that's partly an inevitability of the source materials, but even so, if they could improve on it, that'd be cool. Then this evening, I started watching the Tony Robinson documentary The Real Da Vinci Code. Not sure why, I think I just fancied a bit of a laugh.

Sarah made herself a chicken curry, and then popped on some jacket potatoes - we had a couple each, I had mine with grated cheese (although I did think that baked beans could have been nice, but we didn't seem to have any in).

Can't remember anything else about today, specifically. But on the whole, it was a good day.
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