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Friday 12th November 2010

I got off to a start that by my standards nowadays probably counts as early, but not by most other people's - set off down to Henry Wells at about 10:00am; when I got there I picked up some nibbles, then got the bus to the railway station, from where I got the train down to Euston and then the tube to Oxford Circus.

I reached HMV at about 12:15pm. Compared to Monday's fun and games, it was really rather quiet - there was a queue for the signing, but it consisted of about 20 people. I thought I saw Nick Kirby there, but I must have been mistaken.

Anyhow, I bought the Goodies DVD, and also picked up the new Pet Shop Boys CD/DVD combination (I'd love to be able to go to their show at the Hammersmith Odeon in December, but realistically I don't think I can afford it).

After a wait - during which the episode featuring Athelhampton Hall was shown on the big screen, which was kind of cool and brought a sense of deja vu - Bill, Tim and Graeme took to the stage and started signing. Sadly, it was a bit subdued, not helped by the HMV security doing similar things to Monday - take the DVD cover from you, pass it on the star, and they've got it already in their hands by the time you meet them. Trouble is, it got a bit confused between me and the person behind me, and also...well, Bill didn't seem terribly enthusiastic, and I wasn't able to ask him for a personal dedication, after which I didn't have the gut to ask either of the others for a personal dedication either...still, it was good fun, and Tim in particular was friendly (noticing that I was wearing a t-shirt I'd bought from the tour back in 2007). Also, although I hadn't managed to get any decent pics from the queue, after the signing I joined the few fans who were taking photos from the front of the aisle next to the queue, and after they'd finished signing, they came to the front of the stage and posed for pics, so I got some decent ones.

After it was all over, I headed out for food. I'd intended to go to Nando's in Greek Street, but as I was walking down the road, I saw a (new?) branch of Nando's just round the corner from the Plaza, so I ate there. That was pleasant. I'm biased, I like Nando's.

By the time I'd finished there it was about 3:00pm, so I decided against one idea I'd had (I was thinking about going to CLC to try to pick up a fish sticker for the car), and simply set off back for home. Sadly, although this morning the weather had been really pleasant (I'd been thinking that a walk down the local park might be nice at the weekend, that kind of pleasant), by the time I left HMV it was raining. And as I waited at the bus stop, my iPhone ran out of charge, so I had to ask someone else at the bus stop what the time was. And it was a bus that went right round the houses, sort of doubling back on itself to the bus station before going back through the town centre.

At Tesco I picked up some food for dinner - I'd decided turkey would be nice - and then went back home, although in the event I didn't have the turkey. I think I watched some stuff on the Sky+, and Sarah came home at a fairly reasonable time, after which she started watching some of her stuff off the Sky+.
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