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Thursday 11th November 2010

Today, as the annual day off work avoiding people day, was fairly productive - I got a fair bit of tidying up done, mainly focussing on the lounge. I also did a bit of importing video stuff into the computer from the Sky+ box, and I think some exporting and converting done as well. At 11:00am I was watching the Pet Shop Boys recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, so avoided marking any kind of silence. It occurred to me that although the new album is celebrating 25 years of the Pet Shop Boys, they actually met 29 years ago (19th August 1981, if memory serves me well), so next year we coule justifiably celebrate 30 years of them. Even if that could be confusing.

IIRC it was tonight that Sarah was running late from work and I drove down to pick her up from work. We then went round to Tesco where Sarah paid for us to fuel up the car. Which was useful.

Oh, also I watched through The Seeds of Doom on DVD, with the production notes on. That was quite good fun.
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