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Sort of update.

I haven't posted around here properly in ages. I've mainly been microblogging on Twitter (anyone who has Twitter, I can be found under the imaginative name of davidbrider). Went to Cardiff over the weekend with Sarah for the rugby. We lost to New Zealand. Meh. We were kind of expecting that, though, and it was good fun, despite the cold.

Although there's been some snow in Hemel Hempstead and in Milton Keynes, at the moment I've been able to get into work and back with no problems. All sorts of hugs and prayers and good vibes to those in other parts of the country who have had a less good time of it. Sheffield seems to have been particularly badly hit. Or it could just be that I know more people in Sheffield than elsewhere.

Anyone who has left their name and address in the Christmas card post and would like a card from me and Sarah, the post is here. We're aiming to get the cards sent over the weekend.

I think we may have to limit the number of Christmas presents we buy, 'cos I don't know if we can afford to get something for everyone. It's rather worrying, actually...

I want to know what's happened to this year - it seems to have flown past so quickly. It's rapidly reached the point where I can't complain about it being too early for Christmas decorations to be up and Christmas songs to be playing.

Mind you, it's still going to seem like an absolute age before Christmas Doctor Who...

Belated birthday wishes to gipsy_dreamer, by the way!

We're getting all properly Christmassy - thanks to Sarah we have a Christmas tree. We still haven't decorated it yet as that entails getting the decorations out of the loft. Although we've moved it from where it was in this photo, on account of it was right in front of the radiator and the branches were getting scorched! Not a good idea...

(When it's decorated, I think I'll take a better picture of it...)

Speaking of pictures, has anybody not seen this wonderful one of an ice sculpture of Optimus Prime? It's amazing...

I think that's all for the time being.

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