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WhoWatch 2011

Or "Right, this time I'm going to jolly well do it!"

It's not exactly an original thing. I've started it, with varying degrees of success, myself, and Doctor Who Magazine has a regular feature, Time Team, dedicated to it - watch all of Doctor Who, in order, from the very first episode right up until...well, whatever is the latest one to have been broadcast when I finish my quest. Watch an episode a day (or in the case of the missing episodes, listen to the CD). And blog about it afterwards. Not necessarily a review, just thoughts, musings, what went right, what went wrong. There probably won't be much of the latter, as I tend to have a fairly positive outlook on all things Who. There are only two serials I really really don't like, and heck, one of those (Time and the Rani) has some things in its favour.

What I won't be doing is the Time Team conceit of imagining that this is the first time I've seen this episode; although there are going to be a handful of serials, from the Troughton and Pertwee eras, where this will indeed be the first time I've seen/heard the episode, and some from the Tom Baker period that I've not seen since they were first shown. I will, 'cos it's interesting to try to do, be trying to think how some of this must have seemed to the original audience, and certainly I won't be doing too much of the, "oh, it's black and white! And that's a ludicrous special effect that doesn't stand up to CGI," 'cos I think it's important to judge old programmes (in so much as I judge them at all) by the standards of their time, not by the standards of nearly 50 years later.

I won't be solely watching Doctor Who, though, because I've a shedload of DVDs which I've not watched, and so between Doctor Who seasons I'll be breaking out a DVD of something else - for the time being, The X Files. So it'll be series one of Doctor Who, followed by season one of The X Files, then series two of Doctor Who, etc...But anyway, if anyone would like to comment and contribute to my little episode blogs, feel free to do so - and indeed to point anyone else who you think might be interested in this direction. They'll all have the tag: whowatch 2011

Anyway, no time like the present, so let's crack on with it. I'm thinking of this as a New Year's Resolution, and - in common with many of my New Year's Resolutions - I'm late. I was meant to start on New Year's Day with An Unearthly Child... Typical.
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