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Sunday 2nd January 2011

Today got off to a good start, as Sarah and I made it down to Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church. I was glad to go anyway, as I really want to be there more often than not, but also it was a communion service, and I always enjoy communion services (rendered particularly pleasing as Sarah received communion). Also, I'd forgotten that the first Sunday in the new year is Covenant Sunday, in Methodist circles anyway, so being able to make that commitment made it particularly special. We had a chat with the minister after the service and mentioned the possibly of actually becoming members, which is where my mind is going.

Also, next Saturday evening there's a New Year party taking place at the church, which will be a nice opportunity to get to know some of the folks there a bit better. So we're going, and we've put our names down for taking some food.

After that, we briefly went back home, before heading down to Chelmsford to meet up with mum and Malcolm for lunch at Loch Fyne, which was pleasant (although the starter I ordered...well, let's just say it wasn't quite what I'd expected). It was nice to catch up with mum and Malcolm, too. Malcolm's off to Thailand on Thursday, so we've sort of committed to seeing mum at least a few times during his holiday.

We picked up some stuff at Tesco, followed by popping back to Swiss Avenue, as mum had bought me some clothes - some rather nice clothes (a decent pair of trousers, some good shirts, and one which was a bit of a colour disaster, and most crucially fourteen pairs of identical socks, which can go towards my "identical sock stockpile).

We then headed back for home, where amongst other things, I watched Jack and Sarah, one of my Christmas presents this year. I'd forgotten how wonderful that film is.
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