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Wednesday 5th January 2011

For the first time in a very long time, I actually got up properly this morning - if not when my alarm went off, at least not long afterwards. Despite sleeping on the sofa I didn't feel too bad - indeed, I tend to feel okay with that anyway. And I headed downstairs and finished preparing my fish soup, and then had that for breakfast. That was nice. I don't think I'm going to have fish soup very often in future (maybe once a month, or just on special occasions), but even so, it was nice to have it this time.

Despite her late night (or more accurately, early morning), Sarah wanted a lift to the station for about 9:00am. I didn't particularly enjoy driving through the town centre, in particular that roundabout, at that time of day, but it could have been a lot worse. After I'd dropped her off, largely thanks to her chivying me along, I set straight off for work, having already washed, dressed, and got my lunch ready, even if I hadn't done much else.

Today at work - as with yesterday - was largely concerned with removing all the Christmas and New Year opening hours from the pharmacies. Takes ages to type in, and then it's removed within a couple of days. Huh.

Sarah booked us in for Redemption, which I'm looking forward to (Misha and Zoe are getting married there, and Becky's been trying to talk me into going since as long as I've known her). We're booked into the hotel from Thursday to Monday, which is kind of less than ideal, as it means taking probably three days of work (although I could do two and a half days instead). Still, it'll be nice (and practice for EasterCon, too), as if previous Redemptions are anything to go by there'll be a Dead Dog Party on the Sunday night.

Interestingly, Sarah's talking about dusting down her Beachcomber costume, refining it a bit, and, well, taking it down there and wearing it. Should be interesting. As long as I don't have to share the car with that wopping great wardrobe box. I suggested to Sarah that it could maybe fit into a couple of the medium storage boxes. If we've got any of them left. *ahem*

Sarah left work early, on the reasonable basis that she was tired and even coke wasn't keeping her awake. Rather unusually, she was home before I'd even left work. I left at 6:00pm though, and arrived home to discover that the Queen - The Platinum Collection set that I'd ordered had arrived. Yay!

After a couple more bowls of fish soup for dinner, sadly I didn't do very much this evening (although I managed a diary entry, and I'd done a couple more in the break at work), and ended up grabbing a very early night (well, I was in bed by about 9:00pm).
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