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Saturday 1st January 2011

Mm. There really is no justice in the world. Last night, I went to bed at about 10:30, and, as I'm a teetotaller, hadn't touched a drop, whilst Sarah had half a bottle of champagne and saw in the new year. So how come I'm the one who wakes up today with a headache?

Fortunately, it eased up as the day progressed. Despite that, I've no really vivid recollection of actually doing anything for most of the day. Oh, I lie - one of my new year's resolutions was to finally finish Ben Aaronovitch's Benny Summerfield book Genius Loci (which I think I've been reading since the start of December) and make a start on a new one - specifically David Aaronovitch (relation)'s Voodoo Histories. I achieved that goal. Which is good.

Also I think I did some video work - which may have included importing some of Sarah's Journey to the Planets into the computer. Also, having deleted it from the Sky+ Box, I ordered a DVD of Sliding Doors; I know I've (somewhere) got an offair VHS from a TV screening of it back in...whatever Christmas the Jonathan Creek special that introduced Julia Sawalha aired in, and I think I've got a copy I torrented somewhere, but I figured I'd like a proper copy.

Sarah and I had been vaguely talking about possibilities for a holiday in April/May - after EasterCon, which will be over the Easter weekend, we can then possibly take three days off work and have the next weekend (bracketed by a couple of bank holidays, one for the royal wedding) free too. We'd been talking about going up to Scotland, which from Birmingham won't be too far. Then this evening I started watching Three Men Go To Scotland, and it occurred to me that maybe going to the western isles might be an interesting thing to do? Sarah agreed, but she suggested not doing it by boat!

Also, later tonight Channel 4 was doing a Father Ted night, which I'd forgotten about but just caught before it started. Wasn't too bothered about the actual episodes, seeing as I've already got them, but recorded a couple of the documentaries.
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