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Friday 31st December 2010

Took Sarah to the railway station again. After that, I wasn't quite as late getting ready for work as I have been on previous days - largely because I wanted to be back as early as possible this evening. I did, however, find a download of Monday evening's ISIHAC (the start of a new series) and burned it to disc, along with the last episode of the previous series, to listen to in the car. By the time I arrived at work I was, therefore, in a hysterical mess. But in a good way.

The day was spent, basically, adding the remainder of the New Year's Day pharmacies to the Health Directory. That included creating a few records, which dragged the work out, but I was eventually finished by about 5:30pm, so I didn't leave too late.

The journey home, though, was a bit of a nightmare. Nothing major, in all fairness, just traffic going really slowly for no obvious reason. It was good to get home to Sarah, who suggested that we have the berries she bought for Christmas, with ice cream. That was very pleasant. Also, she had some champagne to celebrate the new year. I...didn't.

There was some post for me - the Abba Gold CD I'd ordered earlier in the week arrived, as well as a "we tried to deliver but you were out" card from the post office - presumably that relates to my Queen - The Platinum Collection CD.

Sarah was watching some of the stuff that was on the Sky+ Box for her - mainly the Journey to the Planets stuff. She was obviously enjoying it, which is good! I like it when she's happy.

I had a semi-early night - I headed for bed around 10:30pm, leaving Sarah watching a documentary about the bones of a suspected vampire that had been found in Venice.

Hang on - a vampire in Venice? The fannish part of my brain may have wibbled a bit about that!

Sarah did eventually join me, but not - apparently - before 2011.
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