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TV stuff.

So, there's a press release out for the new series of Being Human. All good stuff, mildly spoilery, but I don't notice any sign of a date. Mmph.

Speaking of which, when the heck's Christopher and his kind going to be transmitted? It's got bloomin' Doctor Who in it, for goodness' sake, BBC!

Apparently, a start date for Torchwood series 4 has been set (July 1st). I'm actually vaguely excited about this, despite a nasty feeling that it could be a complete mess.

The new series of The Hustle starts tonight. Sarah, I...suppose I might just be persuaded to very very grudgingly give you permission to watch it. Even if Leverage is miles better and I still can't work out what you see in Robert Vaughan... *g*

Now I've got all of Blake's 7 on DVD I'm sorely tempted to bung on Terminal tonight. Just because I can never get enough of Servalan's "MAXIMUM POWER" bit...

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