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Pleasant surprise

So, a couple of weeks ago, Sarah and Rita and I went to see The King's Speech - about which all I can say is: very well made, highly recommended, and never mind Colin Firth - if Geoffrey Rush doesn't get something for best supporting actor it's a travesty.

Then this weekend just gone, Sarah and I met up with my mum, and over a nice meal at Loch Fyne we were chatting about the film - as mum had also seen it during the week - and comparing thoughts and opinions. And one of the things I mentioned was that I was quite curious to see the 1970s drama Edward and Mrs Simpson, which told a part of the story covered by the film, but obviously from a different angle. I'd been a bit young to see it at the time, although I was well aware of it.

Got home today to find a package awaiting me from Amazon, that seemed DVD sized. Was it something I'd ordered and forgotten about? I have a lousy memory, so you never know...

Opened it. Guess what my mum had treated me to??? Seriously, a lovely surprise to come home to, and I look forward to watching it - seven episodes (nearly six hours) of BAFTA-winning quality drama.

(I note with interest that it's directed by Waris Hussein and features Patrick Troughton as Clement Attlee. Both points in its favour.)

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