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On Monday, I started watching Outcasts. That's "started" as in, got about two minutes in, and then watched something else instead. Gawd bless The Asylum.

Then last night I properly watched episode 1 of Outcasts, and despite, well, let's just say the mixed reports I'd heard of it, I actually quite liked it. It reminded me a little bit of Star Cops, albeit not in any definable way, and I'm quite liking Liam Cunningham, and Hermione Norris is rather fabulous anyway, so yeah, suspect I'll be sticking with it.

And the writer, Ben Richards - isn't he the guy who fitted a few Sisters of Mercy/Sisterhood references into the number channels episode of Spooks a couple of years back?

Speaking of Asylums...am thinking about going to Asylum 7. Vaguely.

Obligatory plug - if you like urban fantasy books written with imagination, wit, and style (not to mention a rather eclectic first person narrative), check out Kate Griffin's books. I can't recommend The Midnight Mayor highly enough. And if having checked her out, you decide you like her stuff a lot, feel free to join up to midnight_mayor, which is all for fans of Kate's books, as well as those she wrote under her real name of Catherine Webb.

Speaking of which, after Kate's signing I decided to order myself a copy of the first of her Horatio Lyle series, which arrived in the post this morning. Looking forward to reading that.

Not sure how the post managed to arrive before I left for work, as although I was a bit later than I'd've liked, I was considerably more organised than I normally am of a weekday morning. Although that counted for nothing when I'd barely gone a couple of hundred yards up the M1 before coming to a really naff traffic jam. There'd been an accident, apparently. It didn't make me as late into work as I'd dreaded, but nevertheless, later than I would've liked.

Still, all things considered, not a bad day so far, apart from still dwelling on the past which doesn't help my depression. On the bright side, I've had a letter from the doctor's saying to give them a call re: a counselling appointment, which can only be a good thing.

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