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So...Redemption '11 is nearly over (the closing ceremony is over, some odds & ends programming items still to come - I'm hoping to make it to the Babylon 5 - 10 years on panel and then hang around the Dead Dog Party for a while. Musing about going to see RHPS in the vid room, but as we've got an early start tomorrow, probably won't. Suffice it to say, it's been a wonderful three days, and Misha & Zoë's wedding was very lovely. Enjoyed what we've seen of Coventry, and as it's probably less than a couple of hours drive from home, we've said we might come back one Saturday to see more of the place.

Dreading the imminent onset of post-convention blues, but most of the folks from here will hopefully be at EasterCon in a couple of months; and anyway, when we get home there's Real Life to deal with, which will take up some time...

Right now, Sarah's lying beside me reading a Mary Stewart book, and soon we're going to head out to Nando's.

Life = good.

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