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Meme for World Book Day

Nicked from lonemagpie

The book I am reading: Rebel by rj_anderson. Great book - I highly recommend her Faery books (Knife, Rebel and Arrow).

The book I am writing: None actively at the moment, but I have several ideas that I'm eager to write properly at some point. At the moment, I favour the traditional love story in which the two leads happen to both be men.

The book I love most: Don't make me choose! Honestly, I've read so many books that I've adored, choosing between them would be very very difficult.

The last book I received as a gift: Probably one of the Tintin books I received over Christmas.

The last book I gave as a gift: Probably the last of the Wheel of Time books - I brought Sarah up to date with them (she only had the first eight volumes), so yeah, that - whatever the one is that's out in hardback and co-written with Brandon Sanderson.

The nearest book on my desk: Well, as I'm not technically at a desk, and there are no books immediately to hand, none. When I look straight ahead, the first book I can see is Wicked (the novel that was adapted into the stage musical of the same name).

And, because I can, I'll add a question that seems lamentably absent from the original meme:

The last book I bought: Perceivers by Jane Killick, which I bought and got signed at Redemption over the weekend. Looks like a really interesting book.

Now. Time for Marchlands
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