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My get up and go has got up and gone...

This weekend has been utterly utterly fantastic, in a good way, and deserves a proper bloggy thing all of its own (as does last weekend), but...I think a large chunk of today I've been functioning on adrenalin, and in the last hour or so it all fizzled away and I just couldn't move a muscle, I was so tired.

But, the important thing is - it's been good.

And now, I'm going to chill out and watch Being Human (on a slight delay, so nobody post any spoilers until I've seen it or I'll sulk at you!). And then bed.

ETA: "The final episode"? Please don't let that mean, literally, the last ever episode. Let there be a season 4. Please.

And then tomorrow, going for an assessment interview for counselling at the local GP surgery. Looking forward to that. Must remember to try to tell them everything that could be relevant.

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