David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Writer's Block: Roamin'

If you were going on a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise and could only take five items, what would you bring?

Odd one, this. I mean - it's only seven days, so it's not like a "marooned on a desert island" style thing - but does the "only five items" include, well, things like clothes, washbag, that sort of thing, or is it assumed that you'll be taking that anyway?

Assuming the latter...dunno, 'cos to me a "tropical paradise" is somewhere I probably wouldn't go by choice...having said that, I went to Thailand for my cousin's wedding. But I'm not really a "lying on the beach soaking up the sun" sort of a person.

So...roughly speaking:

  • huntingospray, for obvious reasons. Does she count as an item?
  • A good book to read.
  • My netbook so I could possibly get some writing done.
  • Swimming trunks. I'm not a serious swimmer, but I could have a splash around in the hotel pool or even in the sea. Maybe. Ish.
  • Decent sunblock, to avoid looking like a lobster.
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