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Tentatively, feeling better today than I have been the last couple of days.

There's still some issues from my past that are bugging me, and I think that - for what it's worth - my inclination is to address them, where possible, rather than either running from them or letting them continue to upset me.

I think I need to be strong for some of that.

I was thinking of going to gaspode and gaspodia's pub fan meet in Aylesbury tonight, but after a crappy morning spent on the M1, I think I'll just head for home and have an early night - which has the added advantage of meaning I'll get to see Sarah, which is always a Good Thing officially. But hopefully go to the Aylesbury meetup next month.

On the bright side, there's a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks. In roughly chronological order:

  • Saturday - Sarah and I probably going to pop into St. Albans for a mooch along the market, a browsershop, and a Nando's, then in Chelmsford in the evening for a friend's 30th birthday party.

  • Sunday - church, hopefully, followed by Savage Worlds, which is fun.

  • Monday - payday!!! Let me see...I've committed to paying £15:00 to Comic Relief, and Doctor Who - Revisitations 2 comes out that day, and I'm still hankering after a Wii Console + Wii Fit, and I'll need to fuel up the car...

  • Saturday 2nd April - meeting up with Sarah's mum and family for Mothering Sunday part 1.

  • Sunday 3rd April - Church, hopefully, then down to Chelmsford to meet up with my mum and family for Mothering Sunday part 2. Note the bit where we split Sunday over two days. We're clever like that.

  • Saturday 9th April - going to the Titanic Artefact Exhibition with kharma2815, which I'm looking forward to, partly because I'm fascinated by the Titanic, but also because I've not met kharma2815 in an absolute age so it'll be fun to meet and chat and generally geek a bit.

  • Sunday 17th April - it's my sister's birthday, so presumably we're doing something

  • Thursday 21st April - going up to Birmingham for this year's EasterCon - a good opportunity to meet old friends, possibly make new friends, and generally have a Good Time, I hope.

  • Saturday 23rd April - new series of Doctor Who. Hang on, I don't think I was clear about that. NEW SERIES OF DOCTOR WHO!!! Yay. Presumably watching the first episode in a hall of several hundred other fans at EasterCon.

  • Tuesday 26th April - EasterCon will be over by this point, but Sarah and I are popping up to the Lake District for a few days much-needed R&R.

So yeah, quite a few things to look forward to. No doubt more church-y things on Sunday mornings, with any luck (not been since the start of the year, want to get into the habit), and also more Savage Worlds things on Sunday afternoons, but anyway, that's a good few things to be looking forward to. Kinda vaguely hoping that May and June might bring with them some opportunities for some more trips (including long-distance ones) to see fellow geeks - blazingskies and greyfore, looks like I'm not going to be able to see you in Sheffield before you leave, but can Sarah & I visit you in your new place some time (you're moving in with flickums and Ant, right?)? entorien, it'd be great to pop down and meet up with you and Lin and Einstein some time; a game of Warhammer 40K, if nothing else, should happen. Other folks with whom further meets I hope will happen - maiafire, gaspode and gaspodia, multiclassgeek and zoeiona, cu_sith, aeglefinus and Sarah (see you at EasterCon, but hopefully at a slouch too, if nothing else), tlanti...I'm sure there are some other folks, but that'll be a start - get your diaries out and let's start talking dates! At some point, we have to have the chez Brider housewarming party, whatever form that takes (DVDs, gaming, barbecue???).

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