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Friday 25th March 2011

Today, like so many other days, started out with the best of intentions, but didn't really live up to them. Although, in fairness, I left for work earlier than I have done on some other occasions, I still didn't get there until 10:15am. At least I didn't stock up for nibbles on route.

Work itself was fairly good - I got a lot of stuff out of the way, although I sort of lapsed a bit during the afternoon period, which is a pity - I could, with a bit more determination, have done some extreme chaser 'phone calls, but in the event the only 'phone calls I managed to get done were checking the status of some bounced faxes I'd sent.

Left after doing more or less an eight hour day, which was kind of fair enough, although I hadn't had a lunch break (despite taking packed lunch with me), and got home to be a bit naff again. I had decided to cook myself some mackerel potato salad, but when it came to it I decided I couldn't be bothered, and instead - after much deliberation, and at one point going to bed - I used some of what little I've got left in my account to order myself a pizza.

Sarah was watching an episode of the American Civil War documentary when I got up to order the pizza, but when she'd finished that I put on the evening's episode of The Now Show, which was okay but nothing special to write home about. I think I watched something else before bedding down for the evening, but can't for the life of me remember what.

Oh, well.
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