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Writer's Block: Happy 420

What movies do you like to watch and what kind of munchies do you like to scarf down when you're enjoying some free time?

Titanic, Love, Actually, Notting Hill, the Back to the Future and Star Wars (original) trilogies are always up there amongst things I'll pull out to watch. Although there're so many things in my collection that I've either never watched or perhaps watched when I first bought them and that's it, I need to be a bit more regimented about what I watch. Watch those Babylon 5, The X Files, and Battlestar Galactica box sets. Watch the episodes I've not seen of Fringe and Stargate Universe. Watch some of the stuff I've got kicking around on the Sky+ Box ('cos only 45% free space? That ain't good...). Watch every existing episode of Doctor Who in chronological order and don't give up part way through Serial B...

Ahem. Rant over.

"Scarf down"? Is that an Americanism, or a typo for "scoff down"? Anyway, a Domino's cheese and tomato pizza always goes down well, with a bottle of Fanta, and then depending on my mood, possibly either potato wedges as a starter, ice cream for dessert, or both. Or a few bags of crisps, salt and vinegar flavour. Generally if I'm vegging out, I don't want the hassle of cooking stuff...
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