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Music quiz thing

Old meme here, nabbed from nerdowl

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line or so from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. Caveat: I'm not going to include a.) spoken word, or b.) anything where the title is in the first line, as that would make it just a wee bit too easy c.) in at least one instance, I've omitted one where I just couldn't decipher the first line...
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

1.) A day will come when this world you've made will surely pass away.

2.) I feel like dancing/singing like lovers sing.

3.) Is this a riot, or are you just pleased to see me?

4.) We're both in the gutter, that's no surprise/what does it matter when I look in your eyes?

5.) I only turned to see what hand had set this inner field alight; against the flame I see the outline of a man against a night

6.) If there's anything that you want/If there's anything I can do - The Beatles, From me to you, guessed by gaspodia

7.) Everything has a season/everything becomes the past

8.) Here come old flat top/He come grooving up slowly

9.) Now you've whipped the record over/you're not sure what you will find.

10.) Behind the flowers on the place I stay/she breathed in and took my breath away.

11.) You got a hundred dollar bill, put your hands up/You got a fifty dollar bill, put your hands up

12.) Every time I see you/Something happens to me.

13.) Late on Tuesday evening, such a commotion in the street/Someone broke a window and someone's head got beat.

14.) I get out of bed at half past ten/'phone up a friend who's a party animal.

15.) When I look back upon my life/It's always with a sense of shame/I've always been the one to blame - Pet Shop Boys, It's a sin, guessed by ghyste

16.) Bright in flames, they're melting with the snow/Precious wishes, heavenwards they go

17.) Zazou, what ya gonna do? There's a lot of people coming for you.

18.) When I go fishing with my rod/I often get that urge/to fall asleep, a sleep so deep/that no one notices me

19.) Temptation falls in your path/No hesitation why you ask

20.) There's something I want to ask you before it's too late/It's been on my mind since the first time we met.

21.) I never thought I could be feeling this way/Standing here in front of you, this perfect day.

22.) I hate you. I hate you. Nothing will ever be the same.

23.) Even though it's been so long/My love for you keeps going strong

24.) You abandoned me - Rose Royce, Love don't live here anymore (although I was actually listening to the Jimmy Nail cover version), guessed by gaspodia

25.) As we come today, we remind ourselves of what we do/That these songs are not just songs but signs of love for you.

26.) Father worked in industry/Now the work has moved on, and the factories gone.

27.) Can you take a wildflower and turn her into/Into a nuclear powerplant/'Cos I can't

28.) There comes a time when we heed a certain call/When the world must come together as one - USA for Africa, We are the world, artist guessed by ringbark, title guessed by ghyste

29.) Sure good to be home again

30.) In the house time is sweet/I hear the children playing in the street

31.) We've come so far/And we've reached so high/And we've looked each day and night in the eye - Take That, Never Forget, guessed by gaspodia

32.) If I could I'd like to be/A great big movie star - Stone in love with you, title guessed by ghyste, artist still up for grabs

33.) She wanted to be the hostess of the big game show/Like Loni Anderson

34.) I got a whole lot of things to tell her

35.) You gentlemen who think you have a mission/To purge us of the seven deadly sins.

36.) I see it in your eyes/You need a friend tonight/Someone broke your heart in two.

37.) I, I really want to get know you/I really want to get to show you how/How I really feel.

38.) Lost outside, must be a trick of the light/Don't know wrong from right, want it every day and every night.

39.) Ride on the storm I made/I glide on the ashes of the sky.

40.) Oh, is this the way they say the future's meant to feel/Or just 20,000 people standing in a field? - Pulp, Sorted for E's and Wizz, guessed by pomkeygeekange

41.) Water was running, children were running, you were running out of time

42.) Lay down your sweet and weary head/Night is falling, you've come to journey's end - Annie Lennox, Into the west, guessed by ghyste

43.) So you think I got an evil mind, well I'll tell you honey/And I don't know why, and I don't know why - Slade, Cum on feel the noize, guessed by ghyste

44.) I came out of the darkness, holding one thing

45.) Kindness in your eyes/I guess you heard me cry

46.) Hey sister go sister soul sister go sister - Labelle, Lady Marmalade, guessed by ghyste

47.) Every time I think of you/I feel a shot right through with a bolt of blue - New Order, artist guessed by pomkeygeekange, song title still up for grabs

48.) Another night with open eyes/Too late to sleep, too soon to rise

49.) Lost in the high street where the dogs run

50.) You took a mystery and made me want it/You got a peddlestool and put me on it - Diana Ross, Chain Reaction, guessed by gaspodia

Apologies for those who don't share entirely my musical taste - rather unusually for these "set mp3 player on shuffle mode" things there are a rather high number of songs by my favourite group. *ahem*

Also, apologies for the "tribute to the IT Crowd" deliberate typo on question 50, but it was kind of irresistible!

Anyway - have fun guessing!
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