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Anime, 'shun!

Random thoughtlet: There doesn't appear to be any legitimate way of getting Gatchaman in this country that doesn't involve either a.) getting Battle of the Planets instead b.) getting some (but it appears nowhere near all) of G-Force - Guardians of Space instead, or b.) getting a US import. I'm not averse to the latter, but I'm kind of surprised that it's not been given a proper release in this country ("it's that thing you used to watch in the late '70s, but without the crap robot and Casey Kacem," would surely be a good enticement...).

Can anybody recommend any decent anime for someone fairly new to the genre? The more science fiction-y the better. I've seen...I can't remember what it was called (blazingskies, what was that one I saw at your place once?) and quite liked it... (ETA: I think it may have been Evangelion 1.0), so something along those lines? Oh, and IIRC I've seen the opening few episodes of Bleach. Liked it, although my main memory is of having a crush on an animated character...

And sort of related to the first paragraph, why has Christopher Frayling's excellent The Face of Tutankhamun not been released on DVD in the UK yet? Again, the only way of getting a copy involves a US import - which I think may be missing an episode, but I'm not sure.
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