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I wouldn't *normally* do this kind of thing...

Today at work, I had A Thought, and the thought was this:

I'd quite like to cosplay as Servalan. For the simple reason that I do the whole "maximum power" thing quite often (at work, I don't know what my colleagues think of me), and it'd be fun to actually do it whilst dressed as Servalan

Now I've never really cosplayed in my life, not properly, unless going to a kid's party at the age of seven dressed as the fourth Doctor counts, and I'm in my natural comfort zone dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and way way outside my natural comfort zone dressed in a slinky black off-the-shoulder number designed in all probability by June Hudson (see userpic), and I'd have to lose a fair bit of weight to really carry it off, and even then I'd make a rather bulky and masculine Servalan, but, all those little caveats aside, I'm just not entirely ruling it out. Possibly at Eastercon '12 or Redemption '13. Maybe.

Or I could just go as the fourth Doctor. *shrug*

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