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Well, that was hard to resist. So I didn't.

Just bought a replacement copy of my favourite compilation album of all time on eBay. £6:99. Free delivery. I just hope it's not as scratched to buggery* as my existing copy was when I tried to play it the other week. (If it is, I'll have words with the seller about his use of the word "Excellent" to describe the condition of the record.

Next step - once it's arrived - shall of course be to import it into the computer, tweak around with some deClicking and noise removal, and then copy it to CD. And then listen to it in the car! Yay! (Mind you, really ought to finish work on Now! 6 before that...)

(This whole "copying favourite albums into the computer and thence onto CD" is something I'll be doing a fair bit over the next few months, having finished work on my second favourite compilation album of all time a few weeks ago.


*Technical term for "totally sodding unplayable".

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