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Whee! *

(*At risk of sounding like K9 in that awful Disney series.)

Further to my earlier post about pleasant news from Sarah - no, she's not pregnant. We are, however, now the owners of this (which wins by being a lot more low-maintenance than a baby):


Boxed Nintendo Wii Console with Instructions, Power supply, Scart Cable Console Stand and Sensor Bar

2 Controllers with nunchuks and rubber cases

Boxed Wii Fit (over 40 training activities) with Balance Board and Instructions

Boxed EA Active Personal Trainer with Instructions, leg strap and resistance band - Burn Calories and stay in shape with fitness made easy and fun!

Wii Sports

This is in fully working order.

Package ideal for loosing weight and keeping fit in your own home!


I say "owners" - we've won it on eBay, and the auction closed about 10 minutes ago, so it'll be a while before it's up and running in the house. And sadly the winning bid was rather higher than Sarah's top bid at the time I posted (£10:50, which would have been rather awesome). Even so, the final winning bid was £122:00, which seems quite a pleasant bargain for all of that.

My next move will, of course, be to get hold of at least Lego Star Wars and which ever Guitar Hero has Carry on Wayward Son on it.

ETA: Oh, sod a dog. Now I've no excuse for not being fit, have I? Rabbits.

ETA 2: I know I shouldn't be such a grammar nazi, but honestly - it's "losing weight," not "loosing". Aarrggghh!!!

ETA 3: To put this in perspective - it cost less than Sarah's paying per month for her soon-to-expire gym membership...

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