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Fandom crossover... Attn: @steven_moffat & @Markgatiss #doctorwho #sherlock

The cover of next week's Radio Times is Rather Nice. In a "pic of Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover" kind of a way. It's technically to tie in with the BAFTA TV awards that are being held on Sunday evening (IIRC, both Matt and Benedict are up for "best actor"), but...come on, I refuse to believe that Moffat and Gatiss haven't at least thought of the possibility of a crossover. A proper, for real crossover, not just for Children in Need or Comic Relief, but a 45-minute episode of Doctor Who featuring Holmes and Watson, followed the next night by a 90-minute episode of Sherlock featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory. Same story, two different perspectives, with the science fiction-y elements kept solely in the Doctor Who part of the story.


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