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Games Day

Although we're trying to keep conventions for the rest of the year to a minimum, Sarah's going to this in September. I get the impression she's really looking forward to it! We were in the local Games Workshop on Saturday, and when she learned that they were organising a coach up there, she decided to use that rather than go by train (this also means cancelling her hotel - she'd planned on going up the day before and coming back the day after - but I'm sure at this sort of notice that shouldn't be a problem.

Sarah knows that when I get paid, her birthday present from me will be a subscription to White Dwarf, which will go down well - quite often if we're out in Smith's, I'll pick up the latest copy, ask her if she's already got it, be told "no", and add it to my pile of things to buy. Kinda makes sense to subscribe. Mind you - absentminded ol' me will probably forget and pick up a copy in Smith's one day... :o)

I'd kind of like to get into Warhammer 40,000 myself. I've sort of dabbled with starting collecting Eldar, but I also find the Adeptas Sororitas appealing (any ribald comments about me liking a girl in uniform will be, erm, agreed with. Probably. *smirk*). I'm more of an RPG-er though (old Traveller fan), and I suspect the WH40K SF RPG might be more up my alley. Finding someone to play with isn't necessarily easy, as the GW shops only do the miniatures games (I guess 'cos the RPGs arent actually published by GW). gaspode, multiclassgeek, entorien, do you know of anybody nearish who might be up for a spot of Dark Heresy?

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