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...is going not badly; got a fair bit of tidying up done, and a fair bit of beta reading done too, although not done much catching up with season 6 of Supernatural (difficult whilst tidying or reading). Slightly miffed, though, that a.) I appear to be developing a sore throat, and b.) I sort of decided that I wouldn't have lunch until I'd tidied the lounge and got the washing up done. It's now 4:00pm, and I still haven't got the washing up done. It's going to be dinner at this rate. Mmph.

Once I've done the lounge, really need to tidy the spare bedroom, as Sarah will be sleeping there tonight. She's had to go into work and probably won't be back until the wee small hours of Sunday morning.

If the weather holds up, I might suggest we go out for a walk tomorrow. Or just sit in the garden drinking cold lemonade. It's really lovely out there. :o)

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