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The Wii...

...has arrived. After some initial problems setting it up, which turned out to be caused by nothing more complicated than the remote not having enough battery power, it's now up and running. We've got the EA Active Personal Trainer for it. I did the first couple of exercises and then gave up, exhausted. *eep* Sarah is showing considerably more stamina, which considering how little sleep she's had in the last couple of days, is a bit of a miracle. We've also got Wii Sports, which is entertaining (I'm better at ten-pin bowling on the Wii than I ever would be in real life!!!), and the Wii Fit/Balance Board combination, which I'm looking forward to trying out (I think that's meant to be a bit gentler than the Personal Trainer?).

I burned off about 40 calories, though. I think that entitles me to cake. Sarah disagrees (why must she always have my best interests at heart??!). I'm going to have a light dinner then head for bed.

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