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I'm not being terminally thick here, am I?

Just did an Amazon search for Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. I'm not necessarily buying it straightaway, indeed, it's going on my wishlist with the vague hope that other people might buy it for me at Christmas if I don't get round to buying it for myself before then.

But I digress as usual.

I appear to have spotted something anomalous:

Season 1: £11:77
Season 2: £12:52
Season 3: £11:99
Season 4: £11:77
Season 5: £11:77
Season 6: £14:97
Season 7: £11:77

Total: £86:56 (all prices are from DVDs described as "New Edition")

Complete Collection (boxed edition of all seven seasons): £129:99

It seems to me that there doesn't appear to be anything extra in the Complete Collection as opposed to the single season sets - indeed, the Complete Collection description states, "all the special features from the original Buffy DVD box sets," (emphasis mine) so it might even contain less than the "New Edition" DVDs.

There's not really a great incentive to buy the Complete Collection, is there, really? Unless anyone else knows any different?

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