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No, not that kind of plug. Tch.

Some of you may know entorien. If you don't know her, go over and say "hi". She doesn't bite.

entorien, or Carrie, has written and self-published a trilogy of fantasy novels, the T'fae novels. They're not really what this plug post is about, but actually, if you're looking for some good fantasy to read, go on and treat yourself. They're really good, in my opinion, telling an interesting story. With the caveat that I'm still only about three-quarters through the second book. But at only £5:99 they're not exactly going to break the bank.

But what Carrie has also done is a crossover fic, in which the characters from her T'fae novels end up in the world of Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels. If you like the Pern novels, you may well find this crossover fic interesting. If you don't like the Pern novels, well - give it a go anyway. I've been beta-reading the story, and started out with no prior knowledge of Pern (well, apart from knowing that they're about dragons), and the fic introduces the background and the characters and concepts in a way that makes perfect sense to me as an outsider.

It's an epic length fic, and Carrie's set up an LJ comm, ent_dragonworld, to post a couple of chapters a week, once every Tuesday and Friday. If you think you might enjoy it, pop over, watch the community, and have a read. On the strength of what I've read so far, I'd recommend it as a good, enjoyable read.

This has been a public service announcement.

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