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Writer's Block: Collect 'em all

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

Meant to do this...well, whenever it was the question of the day, basically, and never got round to it.

But anyway. I guess my main collection is my Doctor Who DVD, VHS and CD collection. I haven't got everything - on first release of the VHS there were a few stories I didn't get hold of, and until they come out on DVD won't have (hello, The Sunmakers and The Android Invasion, for a start...), but I've got all the CDs of the missing episodes, and buy each DVD when it comes out (still haven't got Mannequin Mania yet, though. Will order that when I get paid on Friday.

What made me start the collection? Well, I'm a fan of Doctor Who, so I like to have the DVDs so that I can watch episodes when I feel like it. I occasionally go through phases of starting to watch the series from the beginning, and get part way through serial B before giving up. One day, though..!

I have other collections - books in general, including Doctor Who again (novelisations, NAs, MAs, EDAs, PDAs, and a few of the NSAs), my Dalek collection (in theory, every Character Options Dalek, in practice depends on when I can afford to buy a new one), Pet Shop Boys records (including a few rare items)... But yeah, the Doctor Who one is the main one.
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